Tatiana Kiselyova


Artist profile:

Tatiana Kiselyova connects with intricacy, architecture of living things

About the artist: Tatiana Kiselyova hails from Moscow, Russia, and has a scholarly background in zoology and a doctoral degree in Systematic Entomology from the University of Georgia. She followed her passion for the Great Mystery of life into teaching horses through positive reinforcement, practicing energy healing, engaging in the traditional mystical and healing practices of Peru, and visionary painting. She believes that now is the time to awaken to our kinship with all beings and take our stance in love, gratitude, and service. Springing from the deep kinship with all things alive, her art is part of her Earth-honoring and healing work, guided by human and animal teachers and traditional entheogenic master plants.

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Tatiana Kiselyova: I am fascinated by the mysterious interface of the natural beauty visible to the eye and the beauty of spirit visible to the heart. I have deep reverence for the intricacy, grace, and architecture of living things, which I thoroughly worshipped with my pencil since I was a child, wandering through the woods with my sketch book. As an adult on the path of deeper connection with reality, I worship the transcendent luminous beauty of the inner sanctums of all living souls. All of nature speaks to our innermost being of the truth that we are deeply part of but have somehow partially lost touch with. I strive to allow this language to emerge in my paintings. 

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature?

TK: My perpetual theme is liberation of human spirit to the eternal song of love flowing through all things. My characters are humans, animals, plants, and sometimes landscapes that are experiencing themselves as conduits, bestowers, or recipients of greater consciousness, ancient wisdom, sacred reciprocity, and spiritual healing. I believe that now is the time for us as humanity to become responsible citizens of the universe and of our home planet populated by our brothers and sisters of all species, and I hope my art conveys that calling.

AAP: What inspires your work?

TK: Sanctity, equality, interconnectedness, and ultimately oneness of all beings is what lights me on fire and guides my brush. My inspiration comes from nature and from the spark of light in me that reflects the Great Mystery within and all around us. I am deeply grateful to the Sacred Master Plants of Peru for teaching me how to be fully human and for inspiring me to convey the great beauty of creation to the best of my humble abilities. I also draw inspiration from the work of contemporary visionary painters, especially Alex Grey, Luis Tamani, and many others.

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

TK: I have been working on my own while moving deeper into my calling as an artist and am yet to discover the local artist community. Besides personally knowing a few Athens artists, my introduction to the community through Athens Art Prints has been inspiring, and I look forward to more creative connections.

AAP: What prompted you to sell prints of your work?

TK: People asked me if I sold prints of my art, and I have been on a quest to find a quality printer locally. Athens Art Prints is exactly what I have been looking for: the best print quality and wonderful, warm, caring people!