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Alberto Patiño Douce


Artist profile:

The photography of Alberto Patiño Douce is all about celebrating the beauty of the world around us. His subject matter may range from mountains and seascapes to rocks in a streambed, from millenary trees to one-day flowers, from non-human sentient beings to human achievements. Alberto’s style is deeply realistic. He believes in showing the world as it is, in capturing natural light and working with natural compositions, and in using a bare minimum of post processing on his photographic images. More of his work can be seen at All of the photographs in that websites, as well as additional material that can be seen by special arrangement, are available as fine art prints through Pixel and Ink.





Ali Phillips


Artist profile:

 Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Ali grew up surrounded by artists of all mediums. Though she works at a local real estate company, Ali also owns and operates Ali Phillips Photography after work and on the weekends. You can find her on Instagram at





Anna Desio


Artist profile:

Anna was born in Milano, Italy, and has since then lived in Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean. All of these places have had their special place in her life and each have inspired a different perspective in her art.

In Mexico, Anna was an architect and was a professor at the National University of Mexico. It wasn't until she moved to Newport, R.I., that she  began exploring watercolors. Anna fell in love with the medium and continued to perfect it throughout my years in the Caribbean on her 43 foot sailboat where her husband and her retired for about a decade. The play of light and the colors in the seascapes were the inspiration for her paintings.

Anna now live in Athens, GA, where she is enjoying being close to her daughter and grandchildren. She still enjoys painting with watercolors, but, always eager to learn and try different mediums, she is also working more with oils and acrylics. The lush, green landscape lends itself to the richness that oils and acrylics provide.





Anna Lee Shultz


Artist profile:

 Anna Lee Shultz is a visual artist from Northeast Georgia currently residing in Athens. Her medium of choice is acrylic paint or mixed media on canvas. She frequently uses bright colors and textured elements in her work and often finds artistic inspiration in science and nature. You can find her on Facebook at





Annelie Klein


Artist profile:

 Annelie Klein offers a mix of photography and drawings that evoke a sense of place and time. She endeavors for her work to bring a different perspective to everyday objects that melds the past with present. Her photograph “Dock” was recently selected to be included in the Lyndon House Arts Center’s 41st Juried Art Exhibition in Athens.





Beth Cyr


Artist profile:

 Beth Cyr is a full-time artist, jeweler, painter and potter based at the Chase Park warehouse in Athens. You can find her gorgeous jewelry at





Brian Brenneman


Artist profile:

Just having fun and doing what I love, one creation at a time. You can find Brian at





Broderick Flanigan


Artist profile:

Born and raised in Athens, Broderick specializes in brining peoples personal narratives to life through art. Check him out on Facebook at Flanigan's Portrait Studio.

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Cameron Bliss


Artist profile:

 Cameron Bliss creates portraits that frame and celebrate the essence of their subjects in a manner that speaks of love and connection. The characters she creates are moody and expressive, with a reassuring sense of order and purpose in the interplay between color and patterns. You can find Cameron at




Cathleen Strickland


Artist profile:

Growing up with a pencil in her hand under the doting tutelage of her father, Cathleen dreamed of one day being formally trained, so when the last of her four children entered school, she enrolled at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. For the next few years, she relentlessly absorbed and wrought through her mind and hands the bones of the solid mentoring from Atlanta’s finest artists. She found she’s a storyteller, a documenter, with the need to express herself with the written word (often from her journals), layers, line, color and texture to describe her subject with the passion she strives to express.





Barbara Van Baush


Artist profile:

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I specialize in animal portraits; however, I have been called to create works of art ranging from portraits of animals and people to houses as house warming gifts. I am always open to helping you immortalize who and what you love.

You can see more of Barbara's work at

10% of profits donated, click on the image for more information





Beth Thompson


Artist profile:

 Beth Thompson is a native of Athens. In 1980 her parents purchased 170 acres of land in Penfield, Georgia. Growing up, she had the best of two worlds — the energy and culture of a college town and the grandeur and solitude of nature. Although she has spent most of her life in Athens, she has also lived in Helsinki, Finland; Columbus, Ohio; Paris, France; and New York City. In 2011 and 2013, Beth was chosen to be a participant in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review. Artist Patricia Hamalainen from Helsinki, Finland, says: “No doubt about it in my mind, Beth’s work is brilliant and unique – brainy, complex, but approachable.”     You can find beth at




Alex Vazquez


Artist profile:






Caroline Potterf


Artist profile:

 Caroline Potterf is a freelance watercolor illustrator in Athens. She does commissions as well as original works. You can find Caroline at




Carolyn Crist


Artist profile:

 Carolyn Crist is a freelance journalist in Athens and co-owner of Pixel & Ink. Trained with a photojournalist’s eye, Crist enjoys shooting action and emotion-filled moments. On Athens Art Prints, you’ll find images from a two-week trip to Mongolia in July 2015. You can find Carolyn at




Cindy Jerrell


Artist profile:

Cindy Jerrell is an artist and graphic designer with a studio not far from where Flannery O’Conner used to feed her peacocks. She shares her life with many animals and a wonderful husband. She creates two-dimensional images that combine oil paint, vintage photos and digital exploration. She also constructs wooden shadow boxes with photo-based puppet-like characters inside.





Charlotte Dively


Artist profile:

Charlotte is a Fine Arts Teacher, Author and Christian Prophetic Artist, which is basically all about helping you learn to draw and paint a Vision Sketch of your own dreams, visions and experiences and express it creatively. It is Charlotte’s desire to inspire and provoke you to learn to recognize the way God is speaking to you personally through your own Art! May you be edified, exhorted and comforted by each of these unique pieces of Art, as you look upon them. Not every piece is intended to be Prophetic but, hopefully each work of art will speak to your heart with love, joy and Peace.






Chris Guest


Artist profile:

I live in Canon, Ga. I enjoy philosophy and Simon & Garfunkel.





Chuck Murphy


Artist profile:

Chuck Murphy is a nature photographer specializing in birds, bugs and blooms. His award-winning photos have been featured in Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazines, as well as a number of other publications. He teaches photography courses for UGA-Continuing Education, The State Botanical Garden, OLLI@UGA and other venues. He’s also given lectures on nature photography at several photography clubs around Georgia. You can find Chuck at

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Chuck Murphy: As far as what I want in a photo, I try to have strong, simple, uncluttered compositions. I want to produce attractive images that people enjoy looking at, and want to look at more than once.

In practice, that typically means shooting 100 to 500 images for each one that I end up showing. More and more these days, I visualize the image that I want and then spend a week or a month working out how to get the bird or bug to pose the way I want in the photo. Unlike human models, you can’t just say, “Please lift your head a bit, turn a little to the left and then smile!”

Beyond all that, what really makes an image a success for me is what I call the “Second Look” factor. If somebody just glances at a bunch of photos and says, “Oh, a flower, oh, a bird . . .” and then flips the page, then that’s a failure. But if they start to flip to the next image and then say, “Oh, wait!” then that’s a success. For a sample of a dozen shots that I feel meet these criteria, see .

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature? (Tell me why you like focusing on birds!) 

CM: I’ve been both a photographer and a bird watcher for over five decades. When I retired and had the time and wherewithal to get more serious about photography, it was a natural transition for me to strive to make better bird photos. I have zero interest and skill for portraiture, street photography, landscapes, etc., but I’ve always been fascinated with “birds, bugs, and blooms.” It’s a field that rewards planning, patience, and most of all, persistence, and those are skills that I have in some measure.

AAP: What inspires your work?

CM: I recently had a one-man show at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia here in Athens. I titled the show “Nature, Illustrated” because that’s my goal: A camera has the ability to freeze an instant in time and reveal details that the human eye typically misses. Therefore, I feel that a successful photo helps us appreciate the intricate beauty of nature in a unique way. If I achieve that, then it makes the whole thing worthwhile.

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

CM: I love it! About eight years ago, I founded the “Picture This” photo club for OLLI@UGA (the “Learning in Retirement” group associated with UGA). Then a few years later, I joined Athens Photography Guild, the largest photo club in town and have served as Program Chair for the last two years. I also hit as many galleries and local exhibitions as possible. What’s great about all this networking is that at these clubs and events, I keep bumping into old friends and through them, making new ones. We are a true community; many of us can instantly recognize each other’s work, and the whole community provides a friendly, city-wide support group.

AAP: What first prompted you to get prints of your work? 

CM: For me, this is relatively new! I spent my entire career in the computer business and started working with digital images back in 1992. Up until recently, I mostly displayed and shared digital images. However, a couple of years ago I started entering juried competitions and shows, and that drove the need for high quality prints. That opened up a whole new world for me, and I like it! I do not do any of my own printing — it’s a very specialized area, and I’d rather spend my time shooting and editing photos. Now that Pixel & Ink is open for business, I’m delighted that I can just turn the task of getting good prints over to them and know that whatever I get back is going to exceed my expectations.


Elise Landry


Artist profile:

Elise is a classically trained artist living and working in Athens, Georgia. She holds a degree in Animal Science and seeks to showcase the variety of form and function that evolves in the natural world.





Elizabeth Boudreau


Artist profile:

Elizabeth Boudreau is a Georgia-based wildlife illustrator and enthusiast. Her passion is capturing the life and essence of nature at its core, with all of its constantly changing pieces. Elizabeth uses watercolor and gouache to celebrate life and share it with her fans around the world. You can find more of her work at





Erin Stacer


Artist profile:

Erin grew up in Georgia. She lived in New York and Brooklyn for several years. She moved to Athens in 2012. She enjoys comic books, cartoons, and fighting against systems of oppression.


“It was odd, she thought, how if one was alone, one leant to inanimate things; trees, streams, flowers; felt they expressed one; felt they became one; felt they knew one, in a sense were one; felt an irrational tenderness thus (she looked at that long steady light) as for oneself.” 

― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse


Frances Berry


Artist profile:

Frances Berry is an independent photographer living in Athens. She specializes in photography that frames and reveals a hidden world of “found geometry”: the tensions and intersections between man-made curves and lines, nature and the built environment, and renewal and decay. On Athens Art Prints, you will find images of Athens-specific locations titled “Offbeat Athens,” which capture the idiosyncratic nature of downtown Athens, Georgia. You can find Frances at





Frankie Green


Artist profile:

Fine art and astronomy major at UGA. Observer of the universe. Passionate about light and its role in the universe.

You can find Frankie at





George Ayers


Artist profile:

George Ayers is a self-taught artist who works in oil and focuses on contemporary realism. “Mostly painting simple subjects I encounter and enjoy regularly in my own life, I enjoy focusing on lighting and details to create a dramatic effect rather than overall composition or complexity.” You can find George at





Jaclyn James


Artist profile:




Jacob Wenzka


Artist profile:

Jacob Wenzka is a painter and illustrator who lives in Athens, GA. He earned his BFA from the University of Georgia in 2001, and he has been displaying his work in variety galleries and venues since 1999, both in solo exhibitions and in group shows. As an illustrator, he has create album covers and art for bands, book covers, and posters in many different styles. He has illustrated two picture books: Once Upon A Midnight (for adults), and, most recently, Juniper Gets Wet (a children's book), which is available locally at Avid Bookstore. You can find Jacob at





James Greer


Artist profile:

James Greer is an artist/illustrator who has lived in Athens, Georgia for half of his life. He likes black ink on white paper.You can find James at





Jason Haney


Artist profile:

I have been drawing since age 10, I enjoy the challenge and creativity that it offers.




Jenica Crotts


Artist profile:

Jenica Crotts is new to Athens but loves the thriving art culture. Taking a break from teaching Middle School English, Jenica finds a creative outlet in her collages that are inspired by nature and surrealism and include both feminine and dramatic motifs.





Jenn Strevig


Artist profile:

Jenn Strevig is an artist and storyteller residing in Athens. She enjoys painting silent conversations, those interactions with others that haunt our minds and fuel our desires. Currently, she is revisiting the process of translating her designs into printed textiles for art-to-wear creations. You can find Jenn at





Jenny Loube Bird


Artist profile:

Jenny Loube Bird is a local artist, cook, and social worker who loves working in acrylic, colored pencil, and construction paper. She loves painting nature and simply making her work as vibrant and colorful as she can. Her goal is to make people happy with her art work.





Jeremy Kiran Fernandes


Artist profile:

Jeremy Kiran Fernandes is a 15-year-old illustrator based in Athens. He likes to draw whatever comes into his mind.

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Jeremy Kiran Fernandes: It's hard to describe my aesthetic when it always seems to be evolving. I like to capture surreal worlds that come into my mind as I draw. I don't take myself too seriously and I think my art reflects that, I draw the next line and the next and the visuals figure themselves out. I approach art in a childlike nature where I make things I know my inner 5 year old self would be proud of.

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature?

JKE: Although there is no clear cohesion in my art, I do come back to many themes. Developing characters and making stories for them really makes them come alive in my mind. For example, in the piece Tea Time, I had been developing the horned demon, the Ambassador of the Void, for years. In my sketchbooks you will find many a dancing garlic man and pouting somber flowers.

AAP: What inspires your work?

JKE: In this creative world of plenty that we live in, it is natural to take ideas from all areas of life. Anything can spark that passion to create, a pretty leaf, a decomposing stump, a melting candle, a mushroom, things like that really make me want to pick up a pen. There are also many artists that have influenced me greatly: Picasso, Jean Giraud, M.C. Escher, Philip Guston, and Van Minnen, to name a few. 

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

JKE: I can't imagine a better place to be making art alongside so many other talented people. It is such a opening for collaboration and I enjoy it greatly.

AAP: What first prompted you to sell prints of your work? 

JKE: My dad told me about this company and I was super excited. I had wanted to do prints for a while and was glad there was a company that would do it at no expense for the artist and at great quality and convenience.


Jeremy Olson


Artist profile:

Jeremy believes that photography is worth more than a thousand words because great work can transcend time and place, leading to different perspectives and promoting conversation. He aims to convey in his photography a creative and different perspective.





Jessica Magnarella


Artist profile:

Jessica Magnarella is a painter, photographer, graphic designer and poet who finds inspiration in nature, especially its visual layers and ephemeral quality.





Jill Carnes


Artist profile:

Jill Carnes, an Elephant Six-related musician and artist, draws whimsical, colorful images that strike her fancy. An Athens resident since 1984, Carnes has drawn album covers for Neutral Milk Hotel, The Jody Grind and Victoria Williams and a book cover for John Keane’s Musician’s Guide to Pro Tools. Her work has appeared in art shows in Asheville, Atlanta, Austin and New York City and in publications such as Rolling Stone, Cream and Spin.





James A Wilson


Artist profile:

James Wilson resides in Athens, GA, and performs regularly with several groups ranging in a wide variety of sound and escapades. Traveling and experiencing life passionately are evident in Wilson’s music, and now through is visual art. You can find James at





Joanne Hemerlein


Artist profile:

Joanne has loved photography most of her life, and views it as a unique art form with the ability to evoke the viewer's emotions. "I have fond memories of countless hours in the black & white darkroom in the early years and even used Marshall's oils to hand tint! Yet, I've embraced the evolution to digital photography which provides endless creative possibilities."


Joanne is also a freelance Graphic Designer concentrating on print for non-profit clients located throughout the US and beyond. 




Jonathan Shuster


Artist profile:

Georgia native hoping to raise enough money to start showcasing his photography at festivals. Outdoors enthusiast who will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. Would wake up for any sunrise, even if it means not getting any sleep at all.





Jordana Dale


Artist profile:

Jordana Dale Russell is a photographer who graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a bachelor of fine arts in photography. She is the in house photographer for Pixel & Ink Studio. She creates self narratives using models to portray memories or feelings from her past, evoking a contemporary and simple aesthetic. You can find Jordana at





Justine Stevens


Artist profile:

Justine Stevens is a visual artist who graduated from the University of Georgia. Her drawings seem to “emerge through my hand on their own accord rather than coming from my hand,” she says. Narratives reveal their own stories through her work. You can find Justine at



Katie Brattain


Artist profile:

Katie Brattain loves to experiment with artwork and try new media as much as she can. Her favorite materials to work with are watercolor, charcoal, ink, alcohol marker, and colored pencil. She creates her pieces based on whatever happens to be on her mind in that moment. This can be anything from landscapes, star-filled galaxies, fantasy creatures, to fan art based on popular movies or books. You can find Katie at




Klon Waldrip


Artist profile:

Klon Waldrip has lived in Athens since the ’80s. He still lives here and participates in the annual Christmas parade. You can find Klon at





Linda Henneman


Artist profile:

 “The act of painting is mind altering. It is an inner path which exercises, energizes and changes the brain of the painter. The products of that action may vary widely in subject matter or style. The existence of the paintings as objects of meaning to be appreciated, enjoyed and possessed stand on their own.”





Lisa Freeman


Artist profile:

Lisa Freeman is an artist based in Athens, Georgia, who was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1965. Lisa has worked in the medium of painting, but recently her art has shifted to a focus on assemblage art using found objects. Drawn to discarded objects and photographs, Freeman explores the mystery of the forgotten, allowing the objects to lead the narrative and inviting the viewer to participate in the mystery. She is a prolific artist and a prominent member of the Athens art community. Her works have been featured in galleries and exhibits since 2006, and she has created nine solo exhibitions. Freeman is a self-made artist, and works full time as an artist based out of her in-home studio. Every piece of art by Lisa Freeman is original in every sense of the term. Her art inspires you to focus on the uncomfortable, accept the undetermined, and embrace the unknown. You can find Lisa at





Lucy & Tomo Ralston


ArtistS profile:

How do you describe your aesthetic?

Lucy: My aesthetic in writing is to keep things simple and neat. I’ve always been a fan of the thinking that a poem or a novel gains nothing by being difficult to understand, and instead hurts its own message by making it so difficult to access. I’m also particularly fond of nature-based imagery! (Tomo: as a non-english speaker I can assure you it’s not difficult to understand and they are very powerful)

Tomo: Mine is all about visual balance, to achieve something you want to keep looking at and good enough you’ll want to hang it on display! (Lucy: Remember that engagement picture you drew, and I kept noticing more details you’d woven in? Amazing.) Something that will inspire to whoever sees it


What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature in your work?

Lucy: What’s most important in my work is less a physical or character-based presence and more an emotional one. I spent a lot of time feeling very alone as a child, and a lot of that was because I thought I was the only one experiencing the emotions I was going through. So even the most personal things I write, I try to write so that anyone reading them might feel a little less alone. (Tomo: There are times in your writings that I feel like you can read my mind, emotion-wise. You always leave me speechless with the way you capture emotions and how you play scenarios)

Tomo: Colors and emotions; I personally love bright colors. Sometimes I draw fluff and soft and others harsh and raw. To capture emotions in lines, shapes and colors is what I pursue the most. (Lucy: Trust me love, you do really well at it. I know you’ve tried to teach me color theory a few times, but I still don’t know how you do it!)


What inspires your work?

Lucy: Honestly, Tomo is constantly inspiring me. I feel like my writing was missing something before I met her. I wasn’t really trying to push myself or my boundaries, and I was starting to feel really stale. Because of her, I’ve tried so many new things! And that’s not even mentioning how seeing her draw for my stories or poems always unlocks a better understanding in me of what my work is about, and how best to capture it! (I’m not a very visual thinker in general, so working with an artist is amazing!) (Tomo: WHAT? You think so? I’m surprised you don’t think you’re a visual thinker. Every time I read your stories or poems I immediately start imagining such vasts and detailed scenarios. You inspire my art so so so much.)

Tomo: Life. My life recently got so very interesting. Before my journey in life together with Lucy, I used illustration as way to express my feelings, or more like ‘take them out of me’ Recently I draw to capture all those bits of life; from funny stories in our lives, to our favorite characters in alternative universes created by both of us; things around us. I enjoy greatly drawing our adventures. It all started with a commission Lucy got from me, we click together. I love drawing for her more than anything, her words are paint in my imagination. (Lucy: Wow… That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard…)


What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

Lucy: I’ve always loved the writers in Athens. I used to do a lot of volunteering with National Novel Writing Month here in town, but I’d kind of left the scene for a long time after a crisis of faith or two. Coming back has been incredible. Everyone has been so unspeakably kind and enthusiastic! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I live in a town where I can write about my international same-sex engagement, and know that my community will root for us! (Tomo: I feel the MOST special when people on the street stop to say hi! Also that we don’t need to hide ourselves)

Tomo: Oh boy, this is new for me. I’m not a local, so being part of the creativity community of my, soon to be, forever home? I’m both nervous and thrilled. Our art show this summer felt like the initiation of something. Most of our friends, if not all of them, are artists and they feel like a second family to me. I can’t thank enough P&I for giving us both this amazing chance! (Lucy: You’re going to love it here, Preciosa. And the Athens creative scene is going to love you!) (Tomo: :) I’m so excited!)

What first prompted you to sell prints of your work?

Lucy: Poetry is in a weird grey-zone. You rarely see it printed outside of a poetry book unless it’s one out-of-context line from Robert Frost. But Tomo and I always post our work together online, usually with my stories as descriptions for her artwork. So when we started to think about moving our work from the internet into the physical world, making prints of the poetry as well as the art seemed to be the next logical step! I didn’t really stop to think about it until I saw my poetry framed. And then all I could wonder was why I hadn’t seen it from anyone before! I’m hoping that in the future we can incorporate artwork directly onto the poetry as well. (Tomo: We complement each other pretty awesomely. Our work stand by themselves, but together? That’s us.)

Tomo: I’m not new in making a business out of my art, but I’m new on making them tangible. Usually I work as commissioner; a person sends me full description of what they want and I get paid for drawing it. Having BOTH our works sold together in a printed way is amazing… I never thought of framing poems, and when I saw Lucy’s poems nicely framed and hanged I fell in love all over again. (Lucy: Hey this bit is supposed to be about you! How’d you sneak me in here again?) I want to do more of this, sell prints the way we do art, in 2, together. (Lucy: I still can’t believe that this was your first art show, and your first time seeing your work matted and framed. You are SO amazing, and I’m so glad to have been at your first gallery show!)


Lydia Kinsey Hunt


Artist profile:

Lydia Kinsey Hunt received a BFA in painting from Lamar Dodd in 2014 and currently apprentices at Walk the Line tattoo shop in Athens. You can find Lydia on Facebook at





Maria Strom


Artist profile:

Maria Strom is inspired by narrative art, whether it’s medieval painting, folk art or comic strips. With a background in children’s book illustration, she considers herself a visual storyteller. Her goal is to create a scene on canvas with enough intrigue to involve the viewer in it and enough details and subplots that something new is discovered next time the painting is viewed.

Her children’s books have been published by Lee and Low. Her paintings have shown in galleries in San Francisco, Portland, OR and Austin, TX. You can find Maria at





Mary Cims


Artist profile:

Mary Cims is a photographer working out of Athens and Atlanta. Through her work she tries to showcase the beauty that is found and often overlooked within abandoned places. You can find Mary at





Mary Porter


Artist profile:


Mary Porter lives in the Boulevard area of Athens, Georgia, an area that inspires paintings. She’d like to preserve this part of Athens history, as well as have a little fun too.

Mary earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Art from the University of Georgia, where she later taught painting and color theory classes. She has received a National Foundation for the Arts Regional fellowship and two Georgia Council for the Arts grants. Her nationally exhibited watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings are represented in numerous public and private collections, including King and Spalding, Atlanta, GA; Department of Labor, Washington, DC; and in Athens: Clarke County Courthouse, the Classic Center, the University of Georgia, and Morris Communications Building. Porter’s work has appeared in media publications such as the Georgia Review, The New Art Examiner, Art Papers, Athens Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

You can see more of Mary's work at




Mina Orion-Atlas Kim


Artist profile:

 Mina received her B.F.A. at the University of Georgia with a concentration in Ceramics. Settling in Athens after school, she continues to pursue her artistic passion, as well as managing her two young sons, and always trying to surround herself and others with lots of love. You can find Mina at





Missy Kulik


Artist profile:

Missy Kulik is an illustrator, cartoonist, zine maker, artist, and crafter. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she relocated to Athens, Georgia in 2002. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, baking, and hugging her pets. You can find Missy at





Moji Ogunmuko


Artist profile:

Moji Ogunmuko’s artwork reflects on her past experiences growing up in Africa. Moji is originally from Ekiti, Nigeria but has lived in the United States for 15 years and she considers the United States her second home.

Moji attended Reinhardt University where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and she recently expanded her interests in digital art with a web design certificate from Kennesaw State University. Moji is a working freelance artist who creates commissioned pieces and designs websites and logos. She is also a Production Digital Artist for a local T-shirt company and a part-time Photographer for another local company In Athens Ga.

Moji has not returned to her home in Africa for a long time but the memories of her rich culture remain alive in her. Her reflections inspire images from her homeland as well as new artistic directions depicted in the pieces displayed on this site.

You can find Moji at


OC Carlisle


Artist profile:

OC Carlisle is a natural science illustrator and photographer. An alumna of the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art, Carlisle is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She has a solo exhibition at the School of Public and International Affairs in Candler Hall on the University of Georgia campus.

Carlisle taught Natural Science Illustration at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and published in Southern Distinction magazine. She received the Joshua Laerme Award for Excellence in Scientific Illustration, Lamar Dodd School of Art (UGA). OC presented seminars and demonstrations at the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators annual conferences. Additional awards include GNSI Peoples Choice Award and the Professional Photographers of America, New Mexico, Best in Class for “Stained Glass Leaf” and Best Print Award for “Dandelion”.

Each of Carlisle’s works include information about the botanical/insects, art media, as well as her vision/bio/contact information. You can find OC at






Page Perrault


Artist profile:

Page Perrault calls Athens home, where she works in banking and spends her free time shooting fine art and weddings. Trained in both digital and film, her prints were photographed with a Nikonos V camera. You can find Page at





Pamela Castillo


Artist profile:

After receiving a vision in August of 2017 about painting at our local church and having dreamt of birthing a baby without labor pains, God opened the door for me in November of 2017 to start painting during worship at Glory City Church located in Suwannee, GA. As I walked through this open door, the ministry "For His Glory" was birthed!

I am amazed how God is always speaking to us in so many different ways. Whether it's by a bird's flight that speaks of His Majesty, a delicate flower that speaks of God's attention to details, a brilliant sunset or a cloud formation in the sky streaked with purples, pinks and oranges speaks of the awesomeness of God the creator of the universe. But did you know just as in nature, we to, were created to express His voice in the Earth as well? When we paint with the Holy Spirit there are hidden meanings and messages that perhaps even the artist did not know they were creating in the painting. But God did, it's a message God has just for you. This is one of the aspects I love about Prophetic Painting!

You can find Pamela at





Rachel Eubanks


Artist profile:

Rachel Eubanks is a traveler, photographer and storyteller based in Atlanta, Georgia. After studying photojournalism at the University of Georgia, Rachel traveled through Central America to study Spanish, drink coffee and document Latin American culture through blogging and social media. You can find more of Rachel’s work on Instagram @rachel_eubanks.


All images currently included in Rachel's gallery were created in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Proceeds from these print sales will be donated to community organizations working on rebuilding Central American towns affected by Tropical Storm Nate.





Rachel Nipp


Artist profile:

Rachel Nipp is an advertising student at the University of Georgia with an interest in art and design. Most of her paintings are watercolors of her favorite places, including many local Athens landmarks. You can find Rachel at





Ryan Dorsey


Artist profile:

Ryan Dorsey is an artist from Athens currently enrolled in the VCU Arts program. He has a unique style that closely borders surrealism with a fixation on warping the human form. You can find Ryan at





Sally Ross


Artist profile:

Sally Ross retired from the University of Georgia Department of Language and Literacy after many wonderful years of working with Georgia English teachers. She now thrives on travel, hiking, golf and photography. Her work is often described as painterly, an effect she strives to achieve through her eye as an artist, her sense of composition, and her knowledge and use of the camera as a creative tool. Her motto is to create fine art photography to “soothe your soul.” You can find Sally at





Sarah Cook


Artist profile:

 “My journey as an artist began as a little girl. I found such rapture in drawing and could lose myself in another world that was solely mine. Constantly creating images of what I saw with my mind’s eye allowed others to be a part of that world. Realizing this, I saw that this was my life’s path, easily paved before me. Having the full support of my parents just bolstered my interest, which increased my production, and resulted in strengthening my natural talents and solidifying my passion. Generally tidy people, my parents support even extended as far as to allow me to draw on my walls!

Art is such an interwoven part of my life. I endeavor to make every single thing I do a masterpiece. This Kundalini Energy—the natural energy of the self–has to come out somehow and I am just so glad to be aware of what it is for me, and how to wield it to its highest potential.

Acknowledging the inherent gift given me, without formal art education, I consider myself a folk artist. Although I have had no real formal training, I have been a student of life and observing everyone/everything as my master and teacher. I am very appreciative for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me so seamlessly for what I have learned from them, and for the enthusiastic approval in which my work is received.” 

You can find Sarah on facebook at





Sara Fogle


Artist profile:

Sara M Fogle is a local tattooer and portrait artist. Working with mixed media, colored pencil and water color she specializes in whimsical animal portraiture.





Sean Dunn


Artist profile:

Sean Dunn is a photographer originally from New Orleans and currently based in Athens, GA. His work has been featured at Bitter Southerner and in several group exhibits including Slow Exposures, OCAF, and Lyndon House; his first solo show was in November of 2015 at UNG. Sean recently returned from Cuba and is preparing a show of this work in Athens in 2016.





Sergi Picas


Artist profile:

Sergi Picas is studying forestry and wildlife resources at the University of Georgia. “My passion for photography started when I was a little boy. Since then, I always knew this was something that would inspire me.” You can find Sergi at





Stacey-Marie Piotrowski


Artist profile:

Stacey-Marie Piotrowski photographs musicians and writes the zine Phases of the Moon.




Stephanie Johnson


Artist profile:

“My art is a bit like the gumbo I grew up eating- a mixture of all of the styles I’ve admired over the years. I enjoy painting vivid plants and landscapes using bold colors.”





Stephanie Reavis


Artist profile:

Also known as Teh Reaver, Jr., I create what is best described as whimsical, cartoon-esque portraits of people, animals, or what have you. I have a free-wheeling, folk-ish art-ish style that emphasizes humor, lots of color, and at times, collage elements of scrap paper, feathers, and various what-not. I’m currently at work on a series of portraits of Athens musicians.





Sue Myers Smith


Artist profile:

Sue Myers Smith works for the University of Georgia Office of International Education and has photographed magazine spreads and covers for more than a decade. On Athens Art Prints, you’ll find images from a UGA trip to Cuba. You can find Sue at




Tatiana Kiselyova


Artist profile:

Tatiana Kiselyova connects with intricacy, architecture of living things

About the artist: Tatiana Kiselyova hails from Moscow, Russia, and has a scholarly background in zoology and a doctoral degree in Systematic Entomology from the University of Georgia. She followed her passion for the Great Mystery of life into teaching horses through positive reinforcement, practicing energy healing, engaging in the traditional mystical and healing practices of Peru, and visionary painting. She believes that now is the time to awaken to our kinship with all beings and take our stance in love, gratitude, and service. Springing from the deep kinship with all things alive, her art is part of her Earth-honoring and healing work, guided by human and animal teachers and traditional entheogenic master plants.

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Tatiana Kiselyova: I am fascinated by the mysterious interface of the natural beauty visible to the eye and the beauty of spirit visible to the heart. I have deep reverence for the intricacy, grace, and architecture of living things, which I thoroughly worshipped with my pencil since I was a child, wandering through the woods with my sketch book. As an adult on the path of deeper connection with reality, I worship the transcendent luminous beauty of the inner sanctums of all living souls. All of nature speaks to our innermost being of the truth that we are deeply part of but have somehow partially lost touch with. I strive to allow this language to emerge in my paintings. 

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature?

TK: My perpetual theme is liberation of human spirit to the eternal song of love flowing through all things. My characters are humans, animals, plants, and sometimes landscapes that are experiencing themselves as conduits, bestowers, or recipients of greater consciousness, ancient wisdom, sacred reciprocity, and spiritual healing. I believe that now is the time for us as humanity to become responsible citizens of the universe and of our home planet populated by our brothers and sisters of all species, and I hope my art conveys that calling.

AAP: What inspires your work?

TK: Sanctity, equality, interconnectedness, and ultimately oneness of all beings is what lights me on fire and guides my brush. My inspiration comes from nature and from the spark of light in me that reflects the Great Mystery within and all around us. I am deeply grateful to the Sacred Master Plants of Peru for teaching me how to be fully human and for inspiring me to convey the great beauty of creation to the best of my humble abilities. I also draw inspiration from the work of contemporary visionary painters, especially Alex Grey, Luis Tamani, and many others.

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

TK: I have been working on my own while moving deeper into my calling as an artist and am yet to discover the local artist community. Besides personally knowing a few Athens artists, my introduction to the community through Athens Art Prints has been inspiring, and I look forward to more creative connections.

AAP: What prompted you to sell prints of your work?

TK: People asked me if I sold prints of my art, and I have been on a quest to find a quality printer locally. Athens Art Prints is exactly what I have been looking for: the best print quality and wonderful, warm, caring people!





Theodore O. Lawrence


Artist profile:

Theodore O. Lawrence, “Whether nature, architecture, people or culture, there is a rapture of beauty in the world I hope to crystallize in my photography. Here are a few of these moments to share with you.”




Vernon Thornsberry


Artist profile:

Vernon Thornsberry,, is an artist, musician, poet and all-around Athens institution.





Will Eskridge


Artist profile:

Will Eskridge,, attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Visual Arts/Savannah and earned his B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco Art Institute in 1999. Eskridge explores many mediums including film and mixed media, but his true love is oil painting. Eskridge’s paintings have been collected nationally and internationally. Originally from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Will works as a full-time artist and resides in Athens with his wife, their many dogs and cats and has an ongoing restoration of his beloved 1953 Buick.

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Will Eskridge: I describe my aesthetic as "Impressionistic Surrealism”. These two “isms” of art are almost direct opposites in how they express emotion. Like impressionism, my work evokes emotion and the vigor of animals through color and gesture without concern for high detail. I blend this approach with a surrealistic surrounding of simplified geometric shapes and atmospheric, dreamlike backgrounds to represent the absurdity and nonsense that is prevalent in the modern world. These two ‘opposite’ approaches work in contrast to give a push and pull to my work that overall represents the push and pull between nature and technology.

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature?

WE: Animals and geometric shapes or patterns. At the moment I am preoccupied with the diamond shape and red fox. Last year I was obsessed with polar bears and squares. My dad is a veterinarian and my mom is an artist so I sort of combine the two. I have always had a passion for both animals and art. Living in the modern age, I have come to recognize and become concerned with the dichotomy between animals and the modern world so that is where my art focuses. On a basic level, the geometric shapes and patterns represent the hard-edged modern world.

AAP: What inspires your paintings, and why do you enjoy using acrylic?

WE: Being out in nature and amongst wildlife is the most inspirational for me. I love hiking and we have some beautiful trails right here in the Athens area. Wonderful local wildlife is around as well. In contrast, I am fascinating with outdated and obsolete technology. I tinker on old tvs, film projectors and my ’53 Buick. Working on these old contraptions of man take me back and allow me to explore how technology has progressed, for better or for worse.

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

WE: Being a part of the creative community in Athens has been fantastic. I moved here in 2006 and I have met the most genuine and supportive people over the years. There’s a healthy competition which allows the Athenians to push and better ourselves as artists. I tend to be a bit of a recluse these days, I think they call it introverted extrovert now? But when I do venture out to openings and art gatherings, I love seeing and conversing with all the artists and admirers in the community. I feel like there’s a great support for one another. The other thing I like about the creatives in Athens is that there is no age, only art. I am friends with all ages and not once have I ever felt too old or too young. It’s all about the art.

AAP: What first prompted you to sell prints of your work? 

WE: Some of my pieces are pretty big and take months to finish. Hence, the originals can be out of the price range or size requirements of many art fans. I want to have a format to allow as many people as possible to be able to acquire and enjoy my work without price or size constraints.