Sarah Cook


Artist profile:

 “My journey as an artist began as a little girl. I found such rapture in drawing and could lose myself in another world that was solely mine. Constantly creating images of what I saw with my mind’s eye allowed others to be a part of that world. Realizing this, I saw that this was my life’s path, easily paved before me. Having the full support of my parents just bolstered my interest, which increased my production, and resulted in strengthening my natural talents and solidifying my passion. Generally tidy people, my parents support even extended as far as to allow me to draw on my walls!

Art is such an interwoven part of my life. I endeavor to make every single thing I do a masterpiece. This Kundalini Energy—the natural energy of the self–has to come out somehow and I am just so glad to be aware of what it is for me, and how to wield it to its highest potential.

Acknowledging the inherent gift given me, without formal art education, I consider myself a folk artist. Although I have had no real formal training, I have been a student of life and observing everyone/everything as my master and teacher. I am very appreciative for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me so seamlessly for what I have learned from them, and for the enthusiastic approval in which my work is received.” 

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