What we do 

Athens Art Prints is a passion project for Pixel & Ink Studio. We help artists create high-quality, print-ready captures of their artwork (if they don't already have them). We then sell giclee prints for AAP members through a print-to-order system in our store and on our website. They tell us how much they want to make from each print, and we add our standard printing price to set the retail price. This means our AAP members can sell the highest quality prints of their work with zero overhead or risk. We handle all sales, shipping, promotion and logistics. We can also make personalized business cards and promotional materials for artists upon request for a small fee. What do we get out of it? Incredible support from our artists via word-of-mouth — and the standard printing rate from each print sold. By working with Athens artists, we have a unique line of images and art prints to sell. It's a win-win for all involved.

Why we do it

Pixel & Ink Studio is a female-owned and operated company located on Broad Street in Athens, Georgia. We have years of experience working in the service industry, supporting ourselves through school and doing freelance gigs. We understand how hard it can be to get by these days - let alone find the time and money to create and promote your artwork. 

We started Pixel & Ink knowing that many other places offer printing, digital design, editing and art captures. We knew we would compete with online companies and large print shops. Our field is not unique, and it's struggling. Still, we knew we would succeed because what sets us apart from the "competition" is our work ethic and philosophy. We're not another disgruntled service-based store that gouges clients on cheap shoddy products. We're part of the Athens community — and a resource to the community. A place with that old time Frank Capra idealistic feel. We want to build relationships with our clients and tailor our services to help them present their work in the highest quality possible regardless of their financial struggles. These places are rare today, but Athens has a strong community that recognizes small businesses and cherishes them. This town supports these mutualistic relationships, and we couldn't have founded our studio anywhere else.

We love art, we love Athens and we love what we do!

If you are interested in learning more about Athens Art Prints, please contact us!