Pamela Castillo


Artist profile:

After receiving a vision in August of 2017 about painting at our local church and having dreamt of birthing a baby without labor pains, God opened the door for me in November of 2017 to start painting during worship at Glory City Church located in Suwannee, GA. As I walked through this open door, the ministry "For His Glory" was birthed!

I am amazed how God is always speaking to us in so many different ways. Whether it's by a bird's flight that speaks of His Majesty, a delicate flower that speaks of God's attention to details, a brilliant sunset or a cloud formation in the sky streaked with purples, pinks and oranges speaks of the awesomeness of God the creator of the universe. But did you know just as in nature, we to, were created to express His voice in the Earth as well? When we paint with the Holy Spirit there are hidden meanings and messages that perhaps even the artist did not know they were creating in the painting. But God did, it's a message God has just for you. This is one of the aspects I love about Prophetic Painting!

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