Maria Strom: Adam & Eve – Looking Out

Maria Strom: Adam & Eve – Looking Out

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Adam and Eve Series:

This work is about Eden. I think this mythological first home is very basic to our anxiety about being human. The idea of the first man and the first woman emerging into Paradise leaves me longing for a simpler time. I feel like we have collectively failed to grasp some basic, yet intangible art of living.

There are many explanations for how Adam and Eve ended up leaving: some say it was simply becoming conscious, or sexual, or making the transition from hunter/gathers to farmers. Whatever the cause, it was something they just couldn’t seem to help themselves from doing.

I painted this series after seeing a lot of medieval paintings during a trip to Italy. Joining the canvases to create triptychs and using gold and silver as background colors is a result of my appreciation of work from that period.

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