Jeremy Kiran Fernandes


Artist profile:

Jeremy Kiran Fernandes is a 15-year-old illustrator based in Athens. He likes to draw whatever comes into his mind.

Athens Art Prints: How do you describe your aesthetic?

Jeremy Kiran Fernandes: It's hard to describe my aesthetic when it always seems to be evolving. I like to capture surreal worlds that come into my mind as I draw. I don't take myself too seriously and I think my art reflects that, I draw the next line and the next and the visuals figure themselves out. I approach art in a childlike nature where I make things I know my inner 5 year old self would be proud of.

AAP: What motifs, characters or objects are important to you to feature?

JKE: Although there is no clear cohesion in my art, I do come back to many themes. Developing characters and making stories for them really makes them come alive in my mind. For example, in the piece Tea Time, I had been developing the horned demon, the Ambassador of the Void, for years. In my sketchbooks you will find many a dancing garlic man and pouting somber flowers.

AAP: What inspires your work?

JKE: In this creative world of plenty that we live in, it is natural to take ideas from all areas of life. Anything can spark that passion to create, a pretty leaf, a decomposing stump, a melting candle, a mushroom, things like that really make me want to pick up a pen. There are also many artists that have influenced me greatly: Picasso, Jean Giraud, M.C. Escher, Philip Guston, and Van Minnen, to name a few. 

AAP: What is it like to be part of the creative community in Athens?

JKE: I can't imagine a better place to be making art alongside so many other talented people. It is such a opening for collaboration and I enjoy it greatly.

AAP: What first prompted you to sell prints of your work? 

JKE: My dad told me about this company and I was super excited. I had wanted to do prints for a while and was glad there was a company that would do it at no expense for the artist and at great quality and convenience.