Anna Desio


Artist profile:

Anna was born in Milano, Italy, and has since then lived in Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean. All of these places have had their special place in her life and each have inspired a different perspective in her art.

In Mexico, Anna was an architect and was a professor at the National University of Mexico. It wasn't until she moved to Newport, R.I., that she  began exploring watercolors. Anna fell in love with the medium and continued to perfect it throughout my years in the Caribbean on her 43 foot sailboat where her husband and her retired for about a decade. The play of light and the colors in the seascapes were the inspiration for her paintings.

Anna now live in Athens, GA, where she is enjoying being close to her daughter and grandchildren. She still enjoys painting with watercolors, but, always eager to learn and try different mediums, she is also working more with oils and acrylics. The lush, green landscape lends itself to the richness that oils and acrylics provide.