Erin Stacer


Artist profile:

My art is often portraiture influenced by human biographies. I think people's stories are fascinatingly personal, individual and yet so often the most universally human. I believe art can reach into the undefined spaces where artist, subject, and viewer may overlap or combine to see each other. Bring us together on a narrative path that leads to some discovery. 


When I make portraits I think of this quote:   


“It was odd, she thought, how if one was alone, one leant to inanimate things; trees, streams, flowers; felt they expressed one; felt they became one; felt they knew one, in a sense were one; felt an irrational tenderness thus (she looked at that long steady light) as for oneself.” 

― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse 


More recently I have been inspired by Athens’ poet performers at Hot Corner Hip Hop and spoken word events. Several of my India Ink pieces seek to capture some those feelings, the energy, the movement, and the power that comes especially from the women here in Athens.